Requirements for
PNG Visa

Requirements for PNG Visa - Comprehensive guidance for a hassle-free visa process, leading your way to Papua New Guinea.

Apply for PNG Visa Application process

Requirements to apply for the PNG eVisa

The Papua New Guinea Visa requirements are very standard ones and can be easily met by all applicants. To apply for a Papua New Guinea eVisa, a traveler should first consult the list of eligible countries. After making sure that they are eligible to apply online, there are only three steps left to enjoy the approved eVisa delivered straight to their email inbox.

There are two types of PNG tourist visas available online that have the same simple requirements, i.e., to hold a valid passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the date of planned arrival in Papua New Guinea. The passport also should have one or more blank pages that are necessary for entry stamps given upon arrival in the country.

Do remember to apply for the PNG Visa at least 3 business days before you plan to enter Papua New Guinea to avoid unnecessary stress about a visa not being delivered on time. Go through a very intuitive and simple three-step application process. Fill out the application form, pay the processing fee for your visa, and receive your approved PNG electronic visa sent to you via email.

Necessary documents

To complete the Papua New Guinea visa online application, all eligible applicants simply need one document:

  • a copy of a bio-data page of a passport issued by a country eligible for an eVisa (it must remain valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended arrival in PNG and have min. one blank page for entry stamps).

Note: Take a scan or photo of your passport using your smartphone or web camera. Do not worry about the size of the file. Just make sure the photo is legible, clear, and of good quality. Please do remember that it should have all four corners visible and have no glares.

Other requirements

Additionally, it is essential to have access to:

  • a frequently-used active email address to receive email notifications as well as the approved eVisa;
  • a valid method of online payment to cover the processing fee;
  • any working electronic device (smartphone/tablet/PC/laptop, etc.)
  • stable Internet connection to submit the eVisa application without any issues.
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PNG eVisa requirements on arrival

Upon arriving in Papua New Guinea, be prepared to show the following documents:

  • your valid passport (the same that you used to apply for your PNG tourist visa)
  • a physical copy of your approved and valid visa

Please note that the border officials may verify all the abovelisted documents in order to stamp your visa in your passport.
Make sure that your passport has at least one blank page for entry stamps.